On The Third Day



If you’ve not seen Lord of The Rings this title will be lost on you. But if you have, you’ll understand this reference. During the Two Towers when Gandalf runs down the hill with Shadowfaxs and the light bursts through into the Uriki and this is the photo that reminds me of that! “Not alone, Forth Tholiden!” But I also love it, as this is a direct reference to Christ’s return on the third day from the cross, after conquering death. When Tolkien wrote the LOTR he knew this would also be a direct correlation between the character and Christ.

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Aluminium Box Framed, Canvas, Canvas Box Framed, Prints


53x30cm Panoramic, 60x30cm Panoramic, 60x40cm, 80x60cm, 90x30cm Panoramic, 90x50cm Panoramic, 100x75cm, 120x40cm Panoramic, 120x60cm Panoramic, 120x80cm, A1, A2, A3, A4

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