Milky Crash



This photo was extremely popular on my social medias. This is the extremely brief moment before the wave crashes and explodes right before me. The foam at Compton was unreal on this day as the waves had been extremely aggressive and had caused a lot of foam! I remember as a kid looking down on the ferry and seeing all the foam from the boat thinking it was milk, and asking my mother “Is this where mike comes from?” To this day whenever I see foam in the sea, it reminds me of where I originally thought milk came from! Hence the name, milky crash.

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Aluminium Box Framed, Canvas, Canvas Box Framed, Prints


53x30cm Panoramic, 60x30cm Panoramic, 60x40cm, 80x60cm, 90x30cm Panoramic, 90x50cm Panoramic, 100x75cm, 120x40cm Panoramic, 120x60cm Panoramic, 120x80cm, A1, A2, A3, A4

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