Gaze Around The Cliff



Taking this photo was a chance in a million. I’ve posted this picture before but let me tell you the story behind it. It was a Friday after work, I’d broken the speed limits all the way back to grab the last piece of light.

My fiancé and I got straight into our wetsuits and made our way to Freshwater Bay. I started swimming out with Jessie but at this point I was pretty convinced we’d missed the last light, to my surprise there was a little left!

We started swimming around the cliff where the waves were quite aggressive and in 120 second burst the sun came through the clouds to light up the sky. I couldn’t see over the waves to get the shot (see the second shot) as a huge one came in.  I swam to the centre of where it peaked, jumped and grabbed these shots from the top of the wave. Five seconds later the sun was gone behind the clouds.

All worth it.

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