Falling Down


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So the day I took this photo I had an absolute Western Super-mare (Nightmare)

I went out and took some INCREDIBLE photos that morning, like I remember saying to myself “wow, this was why I started taking wave photos, this is awesome”

I got back to the edit, and realised my worst fear. Everything I’d taken that morning had been in JPEG. For those of you that aren’t photographers, this is like giving a soldier a BB gun to fight with,

or being served Play-doe at a 5 star restaurant, or like being promised a house and being given a a shed. Look, I just hate JPEG. I shoot in RAW, which is 16 times the size.

So basically I lost everything, I didn’t even look a the photos I was so mad. I sulked for the whole day. Later on that same day, I told my fianc√© about my terrible morning (I know it’s not that bad I’m just being dramatic)

She convinced me to give it another go, and go out that evening. I begrudgingly said I’d do it but I insisted it would be a waste of time. HOWEVER. I took this photo a long with many other amazing photos. So in the end I was pleased I put the cold, damp wetsuit back on and got back in the sea for the second time that day to get this photo. I try not to moan about the times where I don’t get anything, but believe it or not it happens quite a lot. So much goes into producing these photos, but that’s what makes it special.

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